Dress for Success: How Business Leaders can Benefit from a Professional Stylist

“What’s on the inside is what really counts” may ring true, but if you think about it, it’s quite pessimistic. The visual aesthetics can also be as equally important. Today, smarts and wits can skyrocket you to success but your outward appearance could also sometimes affect your universe—and you may not like the results. In this article, you’d be surprised how a stylist or an image consultant Brisbane has nowadays can help a business leader in Australia achieve or sustain success.

The medium is the message

In the business’s dog-eat-dog world, they say first impressions last. Of course, that always changes, but first impressions sometimes leave a mark—good or bad—if they speak so much.

For instance, a Brisbane image consultant may or may not style a start-up owner from South East Queensland who’s about to pitch to a group of big-time investors—whether you agree or not, the way the startup owner will dress will inherently imply how important the meeting is for him/her. If the start-up owner didn’t hire an image consultant in Brisbane and he or she dresses in shabby jeans and cotton shirt, it will send a message that this is just another meeting he or she has to get it over with. Remember, investors these days are picky—why not dress in a corporate attire and show the investors how committed you are to persuade them to invest in your company?

And that is why first impressions are crucial. If you’d think hard about it, an image consultant Brisbane has these days don’t deserve the stereotype that styling is just “for showing off”. Their constantly undermined preaching of the value of creating an image has some truths into it. Of course, this doesn’t mean you will sacrifice comfort; who says you can’t have sharp style and comfort in an outfit?

If you’re a business leader in South East Queensland or Brisbane who wants to express their aura and tell the world who’s the boss, then here’s why you can benefit from an image consultant Brisbane has these days:

Materializing your role

Styling is one of the ways to create a code that indicates who you are and what your role in this world is. You wouldn’t believe a clown dressed in baggy, colorful satin costume who says they’re a police officer, would you? You see, Styling makes your role more real. It gives you confidence, a bounce in your step every time you pass by a mirror and see a dashing debonair—you say, is that me? A voice then answers, “That’s who you are—go on and tell the world”.

Knowing a better “self”

Now, you have the tangible visual “code” of who you are. Soon, your crippling self-doubts will fade and you will encounter a part of you—a part that you may have suppressed, hidden, or forgotten—or a part of you that you just met. Dressing up, fashion, living in vogue—whatever you call it, they all have been proven to unleash the better self in every person.

As a business leader who will navigate through storms and withstand trials to sustain their company’s growth, knowing this better “self” will help you preserve that empowered identity whom you can lean on during hard times. In addition, perhaps you can even extend this better “self” to others and strengthen their morale.

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