Corporate party: What to look for in a venue

Warehouse studios—hip Brisbane folks are hosting their corporate parties in these places.

Why is that so? Well, it’s pretty cool, actually.

These studios also happen to be in the same area as their small work space.

Neat, right? No need to transfer to another venue just to host a party—it’s right next to their small desk space.

If someone forgets something, they can just take their things from the locker and then go back to the party in a jiffy.

No more hassles, delays, and excuses—everything is in one place!

Now, suppose you are already scouting for venues, how will you know if a place is ideal for your event?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or fifth time to organize a corporate party. You should be meticulous in choosing the venue.

What to look for in a corporate event venue

If the facility features these characteristics, then you should definitely host your celebration there.

1. It should have a vibrant and appealing aesthetic.

What would be the sense of hosting a party in a drab area?

Not only will it affect everyone’s mood; it will also show that you don’t care about what your officemates think.

Surely, this is your chance to impress them. Show them your good taste by choosing fun and vibrant locations for the party.

2. The facility should be accessible.

Parking space, accessibility to the road, and ramps for the differently abled folks—does the facility have these elements?

You have to consider everyone’s conditions, for them to enjoy the party completely.

It makes no sense to rent warehouse studios that are not inclusive.

3. The providers should have a good reputation.

Are the proprietors of the venue known for being accommodating?

How about offering thoughtful, extra services to their clients? Do they make efforts to meet your unique needs?

It would be nice to host a party in a venue where the staff is helpful.

4. They provide AV equipment.

Wow, what a hassle would it be if you provided and installed all your AV equipment, right?

The venue should at least provide a widescreen or a set of speakers.

Imagine if you carried and arranged all the AV-related stuff—it’s totally not worth the pay.

5. They can whip up a delectable menu for the clients.

As the organizer, surely you’d love to consume your preferred food and drinks. However, it would also be nice if the venue offers a great menu or package.

In addition, they should be able to cater to your requests on the menu.

Is anyone in your company allergic to nuts or shrimps? How about your vegan or vegetarian teammates?

Again, you should look for a thoughtful provider of warehouse studios.


It’s crucial to find a corporate venue that’s inclusive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible.

Where can you find all those qualities?

You don’t need to look anywhere—Lightspace is the place to be.

Why Lightspace?

With their multi-purpose facility, you don’t have to go to another venue.

You can host your corporate event in the same place.

That’s Lightspace for you—a one-of-a-kind coworking office space/event venue for the hip and creative.

Lightspace can also be a venue for weddings, dinner parties, cocktails, mini-concerts, and more.

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