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Corporate party: What to look for in a venue

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Warehouse studios—hip Brisbane folks are hosting their corporate parties in these places.

Why is that so? Well, it’s pretty cool, actually.

These studios also happen to be in the same area as their small work space.

Neat, right? No need to transfer to another venue just to host a party—it’s right next to their small desk space.

If someone forgets something, they can just take their things from the locker and then go back to the party in a jiffy.

No more hassles, delays, and excuses—everything is in one place!

Now, suppose you are already scouting for venues, how will you know if a place is ideal for your event?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or fifth time to organize a corporate party. You should be meticulous in choosing the venue.

What to look for in a corporate event venue

If the facility features these characteristics, then you should definitely host your celebration there.

1. It should have a vibrant and appealing aesthetic.

What would be the sense of hosting a party in a drab area?

Not only will it affect everyone’s mood; it will also show that you don’t care about what your officemates think.

Surely, this is your chance to impress them. Show them your good taste by choosing fun and vibrant locations for the party.

2. The facility should be accessible.

Parking space, accessibility to the road, and ramps for the differently abled folks—does the facility have these elements?

You have to consider everyone’s conditions, for them to enjoy the party completely.

It makes no sense to rent warehouse studios that are not inclusive.

3. The providers should have a good reputation.

Are the proprietors of the venue known for being accommodating?

How about offering thoughtful, extra services to their clients? Do they make efforts to meet your unique needs?

It would be nice to host a party in a venue where the staff is helpful.

4. They provide AV equipment.

Wow, what a hassle would it be if you provided and installed all your AV equipment, right?

The venue should at least provide a widescreen or a set of speakers.

Imagine if you carried and arranged all the AV-related stuff—it’s totally not worth the pay.

5. They can whip up a delectable menu for the clients.

As the organizer, surely you’d love to consume your preferred food and drinks. However, it would also be nice if the venue offers a great menu or package.

In addition, they should be able to cater to your requests on the menu.

Is anyone in your company allergic to nuts or shrimps? How about your vegan or vegetarian teammates?

Again, you should look for a thoughtful provider of warehouse studios.


It’s crucial to find a corporate venue that’s inclusive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible.

Where can you find all those qualities?

You don’t need to look anywhere—Lightspace is the place to be.

Why Lightspace?

With their multi-purpose facility, you don’t have to go to another venue.

You can host your corporate event in the same place.

That’s Lightspace for you—a one-of-a-kind coworking office space/event venue for the hip and creative.

Lightspace can also be a venue for weddings, dinner parties, cocktails, mini-concerts, and more.

Drop by Lightspace today to check out the events they have hosted.

Hire reliable occupational physician: Keep workers on good health

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Hiring the best occupational physician is a must for certain companies, especially those which workers have high exposure to hazardous elements.

Like in a chemical factory, for example, workers could be exposed to fumes of harmful chemicals, which could inevitably affect their health in the long run. That could potentially cause big or small issues in terms of productivity, management and even legal matters to the company.

This makes it important for your company to consider having occupational health services.

Knowing about occupational medical services for your company

Occupational health care are services that aims to keep employees’ health on good condition. This is best for companies whose workers are exposed to hazardous elements, but is generally recommended for different companies to avail.

What occupational doctors could provide to your company

Occupational health care can provide services to your company like:

·         Filter your recruitment applicants, which could help you make sure of hiring people that are fit for certain positions. For instance, you need to hire construction workers, you cannot have people with lung problems and other diseases for it.

·         Regular health monitoring for your employees. Such service includes regular check-ups and even telemedicine services for efficient health care and assessment.

·         Occupational doctors can also check the workplaces of your employees, and inform you about the presence of harmful elements. That could help you do some actions for your workers’ welfare, like modifying their workplaces or providing enough gear for them.

How can occupational health care services help your company

Upon making sure of your workers’ health condition, your company can surely have big perks from occupational physician services. Some of the ways it can help you are:

·         It can help you avoid hassles of losing manpower. Having one or few sick employees can significantly affect your company’s work operations, thus ensuring of their health condition is a must.

·         Easily detect diseases among your employees, which could help in implementing immediate health care or treatments. When few of your workers are affected by asbestos related ailments, for example, occupational doctors can easily identify such illness before it gets worse.

·         When your workers acquires ailments from workplace, you’ll be responsible of paying for their medical treatments. Hiring occupational doctors can help you avoid such problems, and it’s far cheaper than paying huge medical bills.

Find occupational doctors you can trust

Now you know how important it is to avail occupational health care services for your company. You just need to look for a reliable occupational doctor you can trust.

You can look through the best occupational physicians in your area, and see which one has a long list of credentials and accreditations. Moreover, choose one that offers the best services on reasonable deals, so you can fully have its perks without hassles.

Having a hard time in finding a reliable occupational physician? You can click on, and avail of services that fits your company well.

You can also connect with Resile for more info, and know how they could help your company and your valued employees.

7 reasons why the Brother printers are popular

Business Services

Most people prefer Brother printers for sale, and rightly so.

Quality laser printers are essential for businesses and home offices alike. They help a lot when it comes to managing documents and printing them. Choosing Brother printers for sale comes with benefits.

brother printers for sale

1. Easily identifiable

These printers are named and categorized in a straightforward manner. They come in different series such as DCP, HL and MFC. Each category has its own features, making the selection process hassle-free.

The colour inkjet MFCs are ideal for office and home. You don’t have to worry about discarding unused ink in cartridges because the printer’s inkjet machines have a separate inkjet cartridge for each colour.

You simply need to replace an empty cartridge to minimise cost and waste. It is easy to change the cartridges because Brother printers for sale have a “door” at their front and the cartridges are specially designed for smooth printing. Therefore, they don’t clog or smear.

These printers also come with an LCD touch screen display, which is a user-friendly that lets you to:

  • Quickly get your way around the functions of the printer
  • Print from a compatible smartphone
  • Access to Brother Cloud apps
  • Upload documents and pictures easily and quickly

3. Work effectively with compatible cartridges

In the long-term, genuine cartridges can become costly. This is where top-quality compatible cartridges come in handy. The good news is that Brother printers work seamlessly with high-quality compatible cartridges.

4. Fast printing

These printers are known for their efficiency and speed when it comes to printing. Laser printers are the best ‘page printers’ that print a page at a time but at a fast rate. This way, you can print many documents and save on time, and this is why a sale on Brother printers is worthwhile.

5. Less noise

While it may not sound like a big issue, noise can be distractive and unproductive especially in an office setting. These printing machines have an on-and-off feature that allows you to activate or deactivate the quiet mode.

If you’re in an office environment where you wouldn’t want to interfere with others in the surrounding, you may turn the quiet mode on. However, before you use the quiet mode, activate the printer’s firmware to the latest version.

6. Superior quality printouts

Brother is synonymous with quality. Other than printing documents fast enough, these pages that come out are crisp, crystal clear and ready to hand over to customers as soon as they get out of the tray.

7. Mass printing

Whether you want white and black or coloured options, these printers are the way to go. A Brother can handle hundreds of requests at once and print them according to the order they were received.

Get a quality laser printer

Global Office Machines sells a range of Brother printers backed by superior aftercare services as well as repairs. The efficiency of these printers will increase your time and increase your productivity. The company also sells scanners and fax machines. They offer a broad range of Brother printers and you can visit for more info.

Questions to ask when searching for a doctor Smithfield offers

Health & Beauty

When things you can’t control happen to you, how do you see life? It’s a question most people don’t want to be asked since they don’t have ready answers for it. It’s good you had a qualified and committed family doctor for the last decade, but what do you intend to do now that the doctor has retired or relocated to another state? The only answer to this question is looking for a new doctor. Getting a new doctor Smithfield has today with adequate experience in the medical field is easy if you look at it with the right lenses. Just ask yourself a few questions such as:

doctor smithfield

Does the physician’s office have the convenience you need?

Everyone wants health care they can easily access whenever they get sick. However, the location of the physician’s office or medical facility will determine how fast this can happen. Most patients look for subway access and easy parking when looking for a medical centre they can use for all their family medical care. Others want a healthcare office they can access easily even when at work. Individuals with children should look for an Alexandra medical centre that is close to their home to avoid stressful hustles especially when their kids get sick at night.

Is the practice scope of the doctor specific?

It’s important to have a doctor who offers general medical care to patients of all ages. Nevertheless, a time comes when you need to deal with a specialist depending on your health condition or that of your patient. Some people choose to get a doctor Smithfield has today with specific expertise in a medical area, especially if they have a family member with a chronic illness. Others will look for a pediatrician if they have little kids at home. If you have a chronic pain condition, it’s good to look for any qualified doctors Capalaba has today who can offer special counselling support.

Is the doctor a member of an insurance network?

Although you have a good medical insurance policy, it won’t help you if you get medical services from a doctor who isn’t on an insurance network. Most people don’t always have ready cash in their pockets to meet any medical expenses that occur. Any of your family members might get sick when you don’t have a dollar in your wallet. Your insurance company will only pay your medical bill after confirming that the doctor who treated you is part of the insurance network. Most of the Cleveland family practice doctors are known to treat respiratory disorders, injuries, fractures, endocrine disorders, asthma, and diabetes among others.

Searching for a new doctor for your family’s medical needs can be easy if you have the right answers for the above questions. Ensure you get a doctor who will not only treat you but one who will also advise you on how you can stay away from most illnesses. With the above guidance, you will get a trustworthy and honest doctor Smithfield has for patients even when the health-care system has some shortages.

Glenhaven assisted living: An underrated option


More families these days are opting for a Glenhaven assisted living.

These families may or may have not gone through similar options. In Australia, the elderly can choose from a range of aged care services.

Residential care, home care, assisted living, or even smart living—the choice only depends on the family’s or the aged person’s needs.

glenhaven assisted living

Which of those services are ideal for you?

At first thought, families would instantly choose between residential care and home care.

Residential care involves a team of carers assisting the residents in a facility. Home care, on the other hand, includes one or more carers assisting an aged person in their own home.

What if your aged relative’s needs don’t fit those two popular services?

Well, one option you could consider is a Glenhaven assisted living.

What is assisted living?

Although this option is gaining traction, not many people consider this option properly. It may be because of the lack of communities and providers in their region.

Assisted living is actually an optimal option for most elderly. It’s especially ideal for those who can still move on their own—but nevertheless, need a bit of carer assistance.

Of course, just like any type of situation, loneliness is inevitable. However, the good thing about assisted living is its setting.

In a Glenhaven assisted living setting, the elderly person lives in an assisted unit.

The unit is located in a retirement village, where professional assistance is nearby and available 24/7. It’s just like living nearby to a reliable facility but they can still live on their own. On top of that, the aged person can also get to mingle with others in a Glenhaven retirement villiage.

Briefly, it’s the best of both worlds—the dependability that residential care provides and the autonomy that home care allows. Check it out at Arcare

What the future looks like for the assisted living industry

What lies ahead for this industry?

According to the news from Stratview Research, the assisted living market provides many growth opportunities to businesses. Several of these businesses offer assisted living programs and manufacture technology.

On a global scale, more countries, such as Japan, are investing in studies about this industry. One of the models being studied is Australia’s aged care system.

This only implies that Australia is way ahead of delivering high-quality aged care. Nevertheless, you can’t always find a reliable assisted living provider in the country.

On top of your aged parent’s needs, you still have to worry about applying for government-assisted programs. For that reason, it’s only logical to take time to find a trustworthy provider.

Do you think assisted living is the best option for your nana?

Trust only those who genuinely care.

These days, it is fundamental to develop a relationship with your aged parent’s care facility. That is why you should not just trust any provider.

Entrust your aged parent or relative to the likes of Arcare.

Only in Arcare will you find a strategic team who genuinely cares for the residents. Carer-resident partnerships do not just develop here—real, lasting friendships also flourish.

Visit Arcare today and know about their services. Arcare also offers a comprehensive Dementia care Glenhaven wide.